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    Subdivision - Transfer Title under granny flat provisions to keep pension

    Hi all, My mum would like to transfer her fully paid off home over to me under the granny flat provisions which she qualifies under the reasonableness test amount. My concern is after receiving the title, can I demolish, subdivide and build a duplex on it (one for her to live in for life)...
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    Property below power lines

    Hi all, I've put in an offer for this property and have got an informal acceptance from the owner for a good price. The house is not liveable and my plan is to knock it down and subdivide in half and build 2 dwellings. Initially, i was pretty happy with it but the more i thought about it...
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    Which Splitter Block is best?

    Hi, For several years I've owned two "Splitter Blocks", hoping one day I'd be in a position to develop them. It now looks like I'll have to sell a property urgently, due to some unforeseen expenses. I accept this, but am unsure which is the best one to keep: The first is an 809m2 block...