1. tempura


    house was put on auction ... agent said the only way to sell the house prior to the auction is no cool off (66W certificate) with 10% deposit. is this the case? total bull crap or all honesty there?
  2. tempura

    < 50 sqm - 20% deposit

    I understand that for a unit < 50 sqm, lender would only want to lend out up to 80% only. I am very hesitant to use my liquid money to pay out the 20%. Do I have any other option/s to pay this 20% deposit? I have researched SMSF and it seems it's no go for me.
  3. M

    Bank Valuation came under by 70k on Unit

    Hi all, At the stage where I am in cooling off and I was planning on putting down a 20% deposit. My broker said that banks may not do a valuation if you got 20% deposit. Anyway, yesterday we were told that the bank (CBA) will do a desktop valuation. Today?s result is that it came in at 70K...
  4. R

    Keeping your eyes on the prize

    Hey SSers, Saving for the next IP is going to take awhile and I've got no equity to play with. I'm getting a little frustrated just reading and talking about property but I can't buy anything. All I can do is research areas I'd invest in if I had the money now. Unable to do much...
  5. G

    Auctions & Finance

    Just wondered what the process is in regards to finance with auctions? If you win an auction, what is a typical deposit required, and is this needed immediately? With the loan would it be the same as a non-auction sale - i.e. have finance pre-approved? Also what are typical settlement...
  6. O

    Help us spend $150K!

    My girlfriend and I have $150K as a deposit and are looking buy our first IP at a mid-level price point (say $400K), but want to understand the best way to utilise this sizeable deposit to secure multiple properties in a short space of time. We're looking for thought starters on how best to...
  7. Spades

    Deposit release before settlement?

    G'Morn everyone, I was talking to my conveyancer yesterday and was mentioned that vendor wants the deposit after finance has been approved. I never knew you could do this but doesn't purchaser have to sign a Section 27 Statement granting the release of the deposit?I've signed no sec 27. As...
  8. laurieload

    Deposit for interstate purchase

    Hi everyone, Have done a search and can't find anything.. Please can someone tell me whether it is common these days to do direct bank transfer into the REA's trust account for a holding deposit/full deposit on an interstate purchase? Need to act quickly and no time to do muck around...
  9. Alex P Keaton

    Units Under 50 SQM - Affordable Investments

    What if you can only afford below 50 sqm? I think you can still do well if you buy <50 sqm. I'm getting a nice rental yeild for my 1960's 48 sqm Highgate studio unit and CG I think will be reasonable. The issue is though you need a 20% deposit!? Is this always the case!? Do you always have...
  10. V

    Deposit Bond

    Hi, I am looking to buy property OTP with 10% deposit. My funds are sitting in my stock portfolio, and somehow, I don't think that it is not really the good time to liquidate them. Beside that I don't have any (property) equity or savings, Sunset Clause mention 18 months in the contract...
  11. S

    Project Homes Builder demands money on top of the $4000 deposit when I cancelled

    Hi everyone, I have been with this forum for a while but this is the first time I post. Can someone please help me with my problem below? We paid the remaining of the deposit to a total of $4000 to Clarendon Homes (in Sydney) back in May 2009 for a knockdown and rebuild on one of our IPs...
  12. N

    Off the Plan Finance

    Hi guys/gals First This forum is really interesting and perfect for reading while watching the IPL. Really interesting reads and very informative.... I'm trying to get the best use of the FHOG, and looking at getting a property that i can convert to IP. here is a bit of the background...
  13. S

    Looking for advice on where/how to start.

    I am looking for some advice, I have booked some time with a financial advisor but I believe multiple opinions are better. Hope someone can offer some advice! I have no savings, I have been 'saving into my mums mortgage'. I am 26. Single. At the moment I clear 2900 a month after my super...