1. D

    Should I sell or develop?

    Hi All, My parents own a piece of land in Taylors Hill. It is in a good location and is roughly 760 sqm. I have a 5/6 townhouse development underway (my first development project) but thought that i could learn alot from developing this block of land first and it would be a lot less risky...
  2. N


    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and wanted to start a thread to get some advice from the brilliant minds on this forum. I have been doing ALOT of research on property development and I want to start a project of maybe a one into two block subdivision or a divide and retain to start with. I've...
  3. Prop Meeting WA

    Perth Property Meeting Wed 24 September - Stop being Average!

    Ok, so you have found your next development site, you have done your numbers and worked out the best yield for your site using the r-code allowances and averages, but is this the best you can really do? As the property market starts to undergo another slight shift, it will be the experienced...
  4. Prop Meeting WA

    Wed 29th Jan - Making Sure your Development Deal Stacks Up!

    A Happy New Year to all, 2014 is already well and truly upon us! So, what are you goals for the year and beyond? Is one of them to get into the world of developing, or if you are already there to maximise your opportunities! This session will focus on how to maximise your returns from...
  5. G

    Developing on a block with existing double storey house

    A quick question for developers: would you consider developing 4-5 townhouses on a block, if the block was in a good location, but it had an old, existing, double storey house on the block. Would the presence of the double storey house incur too much cost to knock down to make the development...
  6. samer

    Sell, keep or develop?

    Hi everyone, I am very glad I found this forum!! And I am hoping that some one can help me here make a decision. I have a property I have owned sine 1999 so its definetly CGT 50% exempt if I sell as is, its starting to fall apart but is on a decent 805m2 block of land for where it is...
  7. V

    Rennovate or sub-divide

    All, As the name suggests I am new to this! I purchased a house in Glenelg North (SA) in 2007 for 389K. It is on 680sqm, is in great condition with scope to extend (currently 2BR and 1 bath). The house is currently tennanted while I am OS for a year or two and I am looking to develop. My...