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    I'm looking for a Property Developer to Mentor Me

    Hi Everyone, I am in my twenties and have acquired a few investment properties over the past couple of years. I Have strong desire and passion in becoming a property developer. I'm very ambitious and always think big. I want to become a successful property developer and I need someone to...
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    Melb Property Meeting Tues 18th Mar - Building wealth through Property Development!

    Hi to all Melbournites, The Melbourne Property Meeting group is proud to have experienced developer and property guru Leon Madigan come and discuss how it's actually possible to achieve a passive income of $200k! through his ?Model? for sustainable property development! During the meeting...
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    Developing on a block with existing double storey house

    A quick question for developers: would you consider developing 4-5 townhouses on a block, if the block was in a good location, but it had an old, existing, double storey house on the block. Would the presence of the double storey house incur too much cost to knock down to make the development...
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    Property Data

    Would you use a website that goes beyond rpdata and pdslive and provides actionable survey data and general planing advice to the subject property? The Survey data could take the form of a: -Contour and Detail Survey -3D model of an existing property