1. M

    Legal and General Properties

    Hi Has anyone invested in Legal and General Properties please? What have been your experiences? Thank you
  2. T

    St James, WA Triplex Development Diary

    Hi ALL, New to somersoft and first time post. Would like to share the journey of a commencing a Triplex development in St James, WA. Background: *First time developer *Qtr. Acre block *Retain and build model whilst occupying front dwelling as PPOR. Subdivision: *Demo complete...
  3. H

    I'm looking for a Property Developer to Mentor Me

    Hi Everyone, I am in my twenties and have acquired a few investment properties over the past couple of years. I Have strong desire and passion in becoming a property developer. I'm very ambitious and always think big. I want to become a successful property developer and I need someone to...
  4. G

    Developing on a block with existing double storey house

    A quick question for developers: would you consider developing 4-5 townhouses on a block, if the block was in a good location, but it had an old, existing, double storey house on the block. Would the presence of the double storey house incur too much cost to knock down to make the development...
  5. T

    Builder/Developer Wanted

    Hi, I have just joined forum and am looking for builder/developer partners who would be interested in my property in Brisbane, I have a 7,000 sqm property with a prestige house with tennis court that can be sub divided into another 4 elevated, NE aspect housing blocks. I have access through a...
  6. R

    "Lease Back Guarantee" of 10%?

    I'm sniffing around some towns in the Surat Basin, and I've come across an off-the-plan townhouse that looks very promising. The developer is offering a "lease back guarantee" of 10% of the purchase price annually for 5 years. I asked them a heap of questions, and found out that this isn't...
  7. J

    Stopping Settlement

    Hi All, Has anyone had any experience pulling out of a settlement due to the developer not meeting his contractual obligations? I would be interested to learn how it panned out. I am currently in dispute (have not settled yet) on 2 apartments. A couple of years ago I signed up to purchase...
  8. Frogger

    Developer is Interested

    Hello Just wondering if anybody here would please be able to help with some advice me to some threads on this great forum that would provide me with some reading material regarding a situation that i may be facing soon. This is the situation briefly... I own one IP (2bdr unit)...
  9. jsoe

    selling your house to a developer

    I can't help but wonder how good some developers are. They know means and ways to snatch up prime properties that are not even on the market, and BOOM! they build up these big fat brand new blocks of units. I was driving down the street the other day in a leafy quiet residential area when I...