development application

  1. S

    Development Application for Strata Common Wall Increase

    Interesting case - in a building that is constituted by Residential strata and Commercial strata, commercial owners have decided to increase the common wall and despite no consent from residential owners, submitted a DA which was approved by the council...
  2. R

    Market Requirements for Units

    Dose anyone have a current idea or advice on what the market ie. owners, investors & tenants, are looking for in a unit? Currently in preliminary stages of DA on a small block of units in Brisbane and have meetings scheduled with estate agents to discuss the above. But, thought I would try the...
  3. I

    The NSW Planning System

    Hi all, We've put together a quick guide to the different types of development approvals in NSW, running through exempt development, complying development and development applications. This includes links to relevant legislation and a step by step guide to things you need to consider. Exempt...
  4. jsoe

    DA process

    Hi all, please help. We're doing this for the first time and would like to know something. Purpose: to build a duplex villa on our 696sqm gently sloping towards the street Question: Who is involved in a team of professions to prepare DA application and get the approval. What do they do in...