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    Small Development: Kit/Pre-Fab or Normal Build

    Hi, I'm interested in buying a small block sub division in an inner suburb of Melbourne to build a small townhouse on. Minimum size is around 200sqm's. The block would have permits or be fairly easy to obtain them, as the type of townhouse is standard to the area. These don't seem to come on...
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    Developing on a block with existing double storey house

    A quick question for developers: would you consider developing 4-5 townhouses on a block, if the block was in a good location, but it had an old, existing, double storey house on the block. Would the presence of the double storey house incur too much cost to knock down to make the development...
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    Property Development & CGT liability

    Say I am going to purchase a block of land in my name (no trusts or company structure) and build two dwellings on it. This would be in addition to a day job and would be a one off for the time being. the transaction looks like: 300k land purchase 10k land purchase costs (stamps, legals...
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    Sunshine Development Diary In Detail

    The Property The property is a 603m2 (15.25m x 39.6m) block purchased in 2005 on King Edward Ave Sunshine for around $190k. The house is a 3 bedroom dump rented for $250 a week that is only tenanted because it is the cheapest place in Sunshine. RPData gives a value of $375k and the local PM...
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    Small 4 x unit development cost

    I'm keen to lean more about small unit developments. Does anyone have experience in this and care to share there thoughts and even what it ended up costing you to develop 4 units? Would you do it again? I'm interested to hear your thoughts, and cost (especially for the Toowoomba area)? What...