development costs

  1. MelbPropMeeting

    Melb Prop Meeting 17 Jun, how Pete made $134k in 16 mths + planning reforms explained

    Hello to all Melbourne based property enthusiasts and investors alike, I want to let you know that I run a monthly property meeting group at the Veneto Club in Bulleen (just off the Eastern Freeway). Everyone is welcome to attend. We have been running this group for over three years and...
  2. R

    Market Requirements for Units

    Dose anyone have a current idea or advice on what the market ie. owners, investors & tenants, are looking for in a unit? Currently in preliminary stages of DA on a small block of units in Brisbane and have meetings scheduled with estate agents to discuss the above. But, thought I would try the...
  3. G

    Developing on a block with existing double storey house

    A quick question for developers: would you consider developing 4-5 townhouses on a block, if the block was in a good location, but it had an old, existing, double storey house on the block. Would the presence of the double storey house incur too much cost to knock down to make the development...
  4. J

    Had any experience on some of these common items?

    Im doing some initial costings for a subdivision just north of Brisbane, and am finding general costing details really hard to find online. Anyone had any experience on some of these items that can help me out with a rough estimate on one, some or all? Tree clearing per acre? (need 3...
  5. P

    Good builders for four units, Coburg North, and prices

    Looking to identify a builder for four two bedroom units in North Coburg, Melbourne. It's a knock down the house and start again job. Already got planning permission. Anyone have any recommendations?