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    Should I buy the house surrounded by vacant lands owned by Housing Department?

    I am looking into buying a house that will be re-zoned from R2 to R4 (high density). So my strategy is buy it now, rent it for a few years and sell it to a developer once the rezoning is complete. But I find that there are 3 vacant lands around this house that are currently owned by the...
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    HELP! Neighbours Organising Collective Sale on Rezoned Land

    Hi , We are a group of 5 neighbours in a suburb about to be rezoned to encourage medium to high density living. Our collective land equates to an acre. The problem is we are not quite sure how to go about this. We have had some suggestions but I suspect they are not in our best interest. We...
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    Balga R40 site - Suggestions please

    Hi All, I am looking for your suggestions and help. This is my second development so still learning... I have purchased 89 Rochester Circle, Balga WA. Its zoned R40. So i can either put 3 single storey units or 6 2-bedder appartments. Looks like there is more profit, if i go for...
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    Minimum Requirement for Duplex Development in Brisbane

    Hi guys, I have done a 4 townhouses development in Newcastle NSW and currently doing another 6 units development. Due to family reasons my family is going to move to Brisbane in 2013 and look forward to continuing similar small to medium size development in Brisbane. After reading the DCP...
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    Duplex Sites Sydney

    Hi All I'm in the process of doing research into sydney. Duplex Development. Victorian Land Tax and Melbourne Yeild means time to start looking elsewhere. Looking for blocks of land for a duplex type development. I have a criteria which i apply to melbourne which is below - The melbourne...
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    Suggestions to find development site in Western Sydney suburbs?

    Hello Somersoft World, I have been around the forum from few weeks now. Its a great world of information and place to know great like minded people with heaps of help. Cheers to all. We are few (3+) friends looking to develop our own townhouses/villas instead of buying from builder or...