1. L

    Thoughts on Westminster?

    Hi, new to the forums and interested in your opinions. I know of a block in Westminster coming onto the market soon. 728m? zoned R40. Very standard block for the area, suitable for a triplex development. It currently has an old 3 x 1 house and a large 1 x 1 granny flat. Total rental would be...
  2. P

    Mackay Commercial/Residential

    Hi all I own a small parcel of land in the cbd in Mackay just over 2000sqm I don't really know what to do with it... A few option I have considered is building a commercial high rise building ( I'm not to sure what the demand is like ) Or build a residential highrise ( I personally think...
  3. Prop Meeting WA

    Wed 29th Jan - Making Sure your Development Deal Stacks Up!

    A Happy New Year to all, 2014 is already well and truly upon us! So, what are you goals for the year and beyond? Is one of them to get into the world of developing, or if you are already there to maximise your opportunities! This session will focus on how to maximise your returns from...
  4. J

    Green in the Perth market

    Hello fellas, Newly registered on this board which I've been looking for a coupla weeks I would like to introduce myself and get as much feedback as I can from fellow wise Perth investors on my situation. I'm 27 and very keen to start a port-folio in Perth. I'm lucky enough to have made...

    Margin Scheme - 3 Townhouse Development

    Hi All, Just got a few queries in regards to Development and the Margin Scheme. After days and days of looking at ATO websites and forums, I still haven't got a clear idea of the Margin Scheme. Any chance you guys could assist? 1) Do I need to purchase the property under the margin scheme...

    Development 3 Townhouses - Margin Scheme

    Hi All, After days and days of looking at ATO websites and forums, I still haven't got a clear idea of the Margin Scheme. Any chance you guys could assist? Scenario: -Planning an acquisition of a free standing residential property on separate title. 3 Bed, 1 car single storey. -The...
  7. D

    Tasmanian small development to profile for an article

    Hi all, Looking for someone in Tasmania this time who would up for featuring as small development case study for a magazine article. Splitter block, major reno, couple of townhouses etc... If you are keen to be involved, drop me a line and we'll talk more. thanks DC4
  8. JenJen

    YIKES! Keep an eye on CAIRNS!!

    I don't know if many investors are aware of the huge Aquis resort development application underway for little old Cairns, but it's too MASSIVE not to share. :eek: Of course I do have a vested interest in the whole region, which I am happy to declare, and I'm sure other investors have as well...
  9. Kitchen in Property Bloom dual occupancy project

    Kitchen in Property Bloom dual occupancy project

    ONe of our kitchens in a dual occupancy for a client who has created two properties from the one site.
  10. Kitchen in Property Bloom dual occupancy project

    Kitchen in Property Bloom dual occupancy project

    This dual occupancy development was in a premium estate and so we built two architecturally designed 4 bedroom houses as part of a dual occ. The kitchens included upgrades (to what we would normally include in our investment properties) stone benches, mirror splash backs, upgraded appliances...
  11. P

    Resi loans for 4-unit development?

    I've been given the not-entirely-unexpected news that my big four bank won't finance a four-unit development (in Melb) under a resi loan. The scenario is that we will keep all four when they are built so pre-sales isn't an issue. Are there any banks which will finance this under resi...
  12. M

    Sunshine Development Diary In Detail

    The Property The property is a 603m2 (15.25m x 39.6m) block purchased in 2005 on King Edward Ave Sunshine for around $190k. The house is a 3 bedroom dump rented for $250 a week that is only tenanted because it is the cheapest place in Sunshine. RPData gives a value of $375k and the local PM...
  13. D

    WA's Mining Towns

    I work with a building company that builds transportable buildings in WA, we operate out of our Perth Yard and service all of WA and into neighboring states if necessary. We are aware of several lucrative opportunities in North West mining towns, we have the capacity to build houses...
  14. T

    Subdivide then build or visa versa? Finance implications

    Hi there, So having finally bought my first property I'm now looking to subdivide and build on the back lot. I am faced with two options and am having a bit of trouble working out the best way to go. (note I am in WA, so i'm not sure if the jargon will differ for other states): Option 1 -...
  15. T

    Best bank for resi construction loan? ANZ or Homeside?

    Hi guys, So I am getting close to purchasing my first IP/duplex development project and a about to go for pre approval. Given my maximum borrowing power is pretty close to the amount I will need during the height of the construction phase, my mortgage broker has suggested it is a good idea...
  16. J


    Maximising the use of land Hi all, i needed some opinion, in hunter valley areas, there is a block of land for sale with the size of 1450m2. Land price abt $190k Would it be better off to in terms of rental or future sold price to do : 1. Build a 4x2 house with a granny flat OR...
  17. J

    Impact Assessable Development Advertising

    Anyone got experience with Impact assessable developments? How much harder are they to get through as opposed to Code Assessable? I understand that a public notice of development (signboard) gets put out the front of the property so that neighbours can see what is being proposed, and have...
  18. J

    Infrastructure charges- the councils way of saying Get stuffed?

    Hello all, Got a question about local infrastructure charges. My family have a 5 acre block under moreton bay council we have held for 30 years. Looking at subdividing into 9 blocks and looking at an infrastructure charges (headworks) of around $270,000. The council say that it is due "prior...
  19. fenrir

    Option to buy out all remaining units in a small Southport 4 pack

    Hi Everyone, Just wondering if I could get some thoughts/feedback on an option that has come up for my partner and myself. My wife owns a single unit in an old 2 storey unit block (4 units total) in Southport just near the Gold Coast Hospital. There has been issues for over 12 months now with...
  20. A

    Richmond Development #2

    Hi everyone, I am currently undertaking a project to build 12 townhouses in Richmond Hill, Victoria. Here's the link to my first thread: I thought I'd update everyone here with some 3D images of the 'artist's impression' of the development...