1. N

    Duplex Sites Sydney

    Hi All I'm in the process of doing research into sydney. Duplex Development. Victorian Land Tax and Melbourne Yeild means time to start looking elsewhere. Looking for blocks of land for a duplex type development. I have a criteria which i apply to melbourne which is below - The melbourne...
  2. jsoe

    DA process

    Hi all, please help. We're doing this for the first time and would like to know something. Purpose: to build a duplex villa on our 696sqm gently sloping towards the street Question: Who is involved in a team of professions to prepare DA application and get the approval. What do they do in...
  3. SupaRex

    Council approval to build units?

    Hi All, I've found a vacant block on that I'd like to buy and build units on. The fact that it ISN'T plastered with "STCA" everywhere tells me that I probably can't build units on it. But, my question is, how can I find out for sure? I'm guessing I speak to the council...
  4. jsoe

    1st is always the most difficult

    After years of inspiration, self-education and research, we're getting closer to our 1st development. We'd love comments, tips, and guidance please. Here’s the deal so far. Building a dual occ (2 villas) on a 670sqm block of land in Central-North Coast NSW Two of 3 beds, 2 baths, and...
  5. N

    Melbourne Development

    Hi all After doing some research here and buying a block of land with a house on it i'm diving straight into subdividing it. Renting out the current house till we are ready to buiild. Location bundoora Victoria - city of darebin. Hope to get some help from the users of the forum...
  6. B

    Off the Plan in South Yarra

    Considering to buy off the plan apartment in South Yarra Melbourne for a development that is to be complete in 2013-2014. 6 star fit out with all the amenities. Looking at 2Bed, 1 Bath, 1 carspace, 72sqm. 600K. Is there any Capital Gain to be made? or will this most likely sell at same...
  7. brendio

    Feedback wanted on my website

    I've just set up a web site for our subdivision project to call for expressions of interest from those wanting to purchase blocks. I still have a few finishing touches to put on the website (like changing the header image from the WordPress default), but have made it live now and would...
  8. jsoe

    Options Options Options

    Hi all, any advice is appreciated. We're thinking of playing "options" on this property for sale. This house we're looking to buy has land component big enough and eligible (as per council zoning, etc.) for multiple dwellings development. No DA has been applied for. We are thinking of...
  9. jsoe

    selling your house to a developer

    I can't help but wonder how good some developers are. They know means and ways to snatch up prime properties that are not even on the market, and BOOM! they build up these big fat brand new blocks of units. I was driving down the street the other day in a leafy quiet residential area when I...
  10. jsoe

    off-the-plan purchase mystery

    My partner and I have been looking for a reasonable off-the-plan units around Sydney, but have been blown away by how expensive they are! I'm talking 45% more expensive than existing well-kept units. Ok, as a buyer, the point of buying off-the-plan is to buy a brand new unit at today's price...
  11. zenq

    Selling subdivision off the plan

    I have a 4 block acreage subdivision in North QLD with complete DA and works approval, but have not yet got finance to complete the subdivision. My finance broker has advised me with presales I should have no trouble getting finance. I am going to approach a lawyer (MacDonell's) today about...
  12. B

    Unit Development Fee Proposal

    I have received a fee proposal for designing and submitting plans for a four unit development in the newcastle city council area. It is my first development and was hoping that someone could advise me on whether this schedule of fees is reasonable or if there are any parts that i could easily do...
  13. Residential Development

    Residential Development

  14. Townhouses Qld

    Townhouses Qld

    Interiors of the townhouse development I designed in Qld
  15. Development Sites in Wayville, SA.

    Development Sites in Wayville, SA.

    Site 1: Project put on hold but was planned to be a seven story hotel and residential complex. Site 2: Being developed as 5 story residential apartment complex.
  16. Aaron Sice

    WAPC amendment [B]PERTH - MUST READ[/B]

    Hi all, WAPC amendment as of June 2009 - DC1.3 attached for everyone's records. Specifically 3.3.4 (e) page 5 - This reference refers to DC2.6 (3.4.3) page 12 - also attached What does this mean? Chuck out your R Codes as far as Driveway widths goes for 7 or more dwellings. All driveways...
  17. B

    BIG Brisbane Meeting / Jul 28th / Subdivisions

    Better Investing Group Meeting 28th July, 2009 Guest Speakers Robert Righton Vu Nguyen Hello everyone! This month's speakers at BIG are Robert Righton manager and co-owner of Subdivision Compliance Services who will be discussing subdivisions but also handles all aspects of a...
  18. K

    Shrinking land after offer and aceptance

    Interesting case- Sale of a rear block as part of a subdivision in Perth. The O+A is due to settle subject to the issue of titles and the deposit is paid and finance approval given. However due to the Vendor and the Surveyor not being able to communicate properly, the block was marketed as...
  19. S

    Farm re-zoned to residential sale

    Hi, We own approx 40 Acres of farming land in Cobram Victoria that has recently been approved by the Minister of Planning for resedential development. It is a unique piece of land as it is the only remaining piece that is close the town centre (approx 5 min walk). We are looking to...
  20. B

    Subdividing in Canberra

    Has anyone here had much experience with subdivisions in the ACT? I am considering purchasing a block in an RZ2 zone which, if I read it correctly on ACTPLA's site, is subdividable if it is 800sqm+. What would be the estimated ballpark cost to have this done with approvals etc? I am...