1. thydzik

    how does a discretionary trust borrow money?

    Can someone please explain to me how do loans work with a discretionary trust? If a trust wants to purchase a property, I can understand a proportion will be based on the value of the property and a deposit will be required. but does the bank look at serviceability? how does this work, is...
  2. D

    Discretionary trust and asset protection

    I'm still trying to understand properly how discretionary trusts offer asset protection. Please correct me if the scenario below is way off... Person A is the Trustee and Beneficiary of a discretionary trust, Trust A. Person B is only a beneficiary. Say a big bad company (Company Bad)...
  3. J

    Unit or not for HDT?

    We just set up a new Property investor trust through Chan & Naylor few months ago, and are going to start our property investment soon. I read lots of articles, and know that our trust is one of the HDT, I also notice about the TD 2009/17 and read some discussions in the forum, but I cannot find...