1. U

    Beach Shack Reno. Ep 4. Demolition & Asbestos

    G'day Guys, Here's the latest in my Beach Shack Renovation, Owner Builder Series. This Episode we look at Demolition and the Dreaded Asbestos... Check it out and let me know what you think. Here's the link. Cheers :)
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    Beach Shack Reno. Ep 2. Permits and Owner Builder Course

    Hi Guys, Thanks to those of you who watched Episode 1! Ep 2 looks at Permits and the Owner Builder Course (which l don't think you need to do if you live in Victoria). I hope you can check it out. Here's the link: Cheers :)
  3. E

    Pro-painter - Painting 101 Help?

    I'm planning to do DIY painting to save some reno cost. Any SS pro-painter here can give tips on how to start? I have never paint before (apart from as a kid helping mum paint directly onto the wall). So can I confirm that the process goes like this for interior wall? 1. Sand the wall (do I...
  4. U

    Great Pair of Sawhorses!

    G'day Guys, It's been a while so l thought l'd put up another video. Let's face it, we all need a set of sawhorse's but what type do you go for? The sawhorses l build in this video are extremely strong, sturdy, reasonably cheap to build and are a piece of cake to put together for the average...
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    Who Hates Unclogging Toilets???

    G'day all, I know l do, or did, until l stumbled upon this cool little trick. I just uploaded a video showing how to unblock a toilet without using a plunger or any other tool for that matter. Check it out, it might just save you some plumbing costs. The links below...
  6. U

    How to Find a Stud. Amazing Method!

    G'day Guys, How many times have you tried to attach a new towel rail or hang a picture in one of your properties and you have trouble finding a stud. Fear no more. I've just uploaded a video demonstrating a foolproof method of detecting a stud behind a wall. Check it out. The link is below...
  7. U

    Replacing Old Door Handles?

    G'day Guys, As many of you know, a fairly cheap way of updating an old decor is to replace the door hardware with relatively inexpensive new door hardware. I've just uploaded a video showing just how to remove the old and install the new hardware. Follow the quick easy steps and you'll be...
  8. U

    Dont' Call the Locksmith Just Yet!

    G'day all. PUT THE PHONE DOWN!!! Don't call the locksmith just yet! Has a tenant ever called you to say that they have a dodgy door lock and could you please send a locksmith over to repair it? Watch this video and l will save you at least $100.00 on Locksmiths fees as you'll be able to do...
  9. U

    Plasterboard Wall Anchors?

    G'day Knuckleheads, Uncle Knackers here. Have you ever had trouble deciding what plasterboard wall anchors you need to hang things like a picture, curtain rod, smoke detector or toilet roll holder etc? Don't worry about it, l've just knocked up a video demonstrating my favourite plasterboard...
  10. U

    Old Uncle Knackers Needs Some Help

    Gidday Knuckleheads, If l may be so bold, l have attached a link to a video l have just made requesting some help from all you DIY nuts out there. Have a squizz and if you can help that would be great. Please excuse my video production but l was limited by the software....well that's my...
  11. tomermh

    How do you manage your investment property?

    Hi Guys, Reading the Somersoft forum I can find mixed responses to how people manage their investment properties, I hope you don't mind sharing your thoughts about how you generally do it of prefer somebody else doing it for you. It can be your Property Manager, DIY software such as Posh...
  12. S

    DIY Tax for Trust

    Hello, Wondering if anyone has lodged their own taxes for their DT? Just curious, as when starting up a trust and only having one maybe two properties - trying to save on costs as much as possible when its still fairly simple. Would still hire an accountant to do it for the more...
  13. Luke

    DIY Conveyancing - Experiences and resources

    Just exploring - Has anyone here ever done their own conveyancing (without a professional background in it)... Any resources you'd recommend? Any you'd avoid? Thanks