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    Repair Drainage / Sewer Pipe cracks

    Hi all, I recently have CCTV scanned all the pipe network in my building. The plumber has found a crack each in the sewer and drainage pipe. He has provided a quote to replace the broken section and to conduct a CCTV scan (again). Does any one know if a 2nd CCTV scan is necessary? or could i...
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    Building A Duplex

    Hi I have a block of land that I would like to build a duplex on. It slopes slightly to the side and possibly gently away from the street. I have been talking to project builders to arrange site inspections however I have hit a snag already! It seems that drainage of storm water has...
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    Your feedback on the cost of concrete footpath in Sydney

    My property is positioned on the low side of the street. After a downpour, water always collect against the wall on the front of the house where 3 of the bedrooms are located and unfortunately the garden top soil lines up against the brickwork of the house. The house have had passed termite...