dual oc

  1. jsoe

    homework on propert with subdividion potential

    *homework on property with subdivision potential* Hi all, We're going to have a look at a property on a large block about 900sqm tomorrow. It has the appropriate zoning for dual-occ or multiple dwelling building. It has 2 street frontages as it's a corner block, pretty level - not on a hill...
  2. D

    Building A Duplex

    Hi I have a block of land that I would like to build a duplex on. It slopes slightly to the side and possibly gently away from the street. I have been talking to project builders to arrange site inspections however I have hit a snag already! It seems that drainage of storm water has...
  3. S

    buying a "house for removal" and placing on IP site

    Hi I have an IP in Ipswich. Property is over 1000sqm. available to dual oc as well as sub divide. house is currently rented out. I read an article ( but can't find it) in Australian property investor about people who purchased houses that were adveritsed as " house available for removal"...