dual occupancy

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    Dual Occupancy

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has had success renting out a Dual Occupancy property with an upstairs downstairs configuration? I'm looking at a place on the south side of Brisbane in a blue chip suburb which has the option to rent out the top and bottom separately. I'm after any advice on...
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    Dual Occupancy Help

    Hi Guys, My parents, and I would like to buy acres out in the Wollondilly NSW area. We have looked at a few properties but before we buy anything, we need to know we will be able to build a second dwelling either attached or detached. We know we can build a granny flat or 25% of the main...
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    How to manage bills in dual occupancy apartment

    How do you manage bills in dual occupancy apartment? Hi, Can someone give me an information about Power Supply for Dual Occupancy Apartment please? I have purchased a dual-key apartment off-the-plan in QLD 1.5 years ago and the settlement is in due in 2 weeks. Recently when the...
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    Buying without certification - bargain or brainless?

    Hi gang. This is my first post. :) I am looking at buying my second investment property, in the Ipswich area (4304, 4305). An interesting property is on the market only a stone's throw away from the University, close to transport links, shops etc. Its on a 825m2 corner block on a quiet...
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    Dual Occupancy / Sub Division Blacktown Council

    Hi all, I am a first home buyer and willing to buy a house in Blacktown. Current Situation; >Like a house in Blacktown >Size 690 sqm >Front Width: 15.4 mtrs >Lot Depth: 45 mtrs >Regular Rectangle shape lot >Currently a single storey house standing in the front part I am tired of calling lot...
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    Building a Dual Occ and Selling the other half

    Hello, I’m new to this forum and property building/conveyancing issues in general and I was wondering if anyone could please help with some advice on a building plan that I’m thinking of and whether it is doable? I want to build a dual occ house and live in one and sell off the other for...
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    Sydney 10km Dual Occupancy $650-700k

    Hi, I've been reading this excellent forum for a while and now working out feasibility to buy the next IP. Strategy is high CG but with minimal negative cashflow. Brief criteria are 1. House/townhouse/duplex/terrace (already have 2 units) 2. Prefer suburbs with consistent strong...