1. S

    Build granny flat or duplex?

    New to the forum and IP arena and seeking advice/help from experienced investors here. Recently bought an old house on a 700sqm land - close to station - in Blacktown LGA - cost $700k. Zoning - 2(a) - RESIDENTIAL 'A' CLAUSE 48 - which allows for dual occupancy. I knew subdivision of the...
  2. Moama Duplex

    Moama Duplex

  3. Coodanup WA duplex build

    Coodanup WA duplex build

    Progress: stage 2 (brickwork plate height)
  4. Coodanup WA duplex build

    Coodanup WA duplex build

    Progress: stage 2 (brickwork plate height)
  5. Coodanup WA duplex build

    Coodanup WA duplex build

    Progress: stage 2 (brickwork plate height)
  6. Coodanup WA duplex build

    Coodanup WA duplex build

    Progress: stage 2 (brickwork plate height)
  7. Coodanup WA duplex build

    Coodanup WA duplex build

    Progress: stage 2 (brickwork plate height)
  8. B

    splitting a house into 2 units. how to go about it?

    Hi there all :confused: I have an investment property in Brisbane, its a big house with 4 bedrooms, study, 2 livings big kitchen, 2 car park etc and i want to divide the house into 2 units to rent them out. I have enough space to split the house inside to accommodate the 2 units 3 bed...
  9. Jon Snow

    Freestanding House on Title but a Duplex?

    Hi everyone, I recently saw a property up in the Logan Council area (QLD) and I was just perplexed at how it was approved and built. So the place was clearly a duplex which had a shared garage wall with the property next door. However, it was only sitting on 400 sqm land (same as next...
  10. piNoob

    Renovate vs duplex?

    Hi, Not sure if this is the right area for my question, if not please move. Just a quick question, if family wants a bigger house, which is more financially viable option (on existing single story house): 1. Sell the house, buy bigger 1. Build second story e.g renovate 2. Knock down...
  11. anbuuu

    Building a Duplex on Sydney West

    Hi guys This is my first post, so any mistakes please be gentle :-). I own a 840 sqm property in Sydney West coming under Holroyd Council. I had a chat with Council about going forward in building a duplex and the Town planner said that there will be no issues in building a duplex and selling...
  12. S

    Granny flat at rear of duplex pair

    Hi Everyone I'm a long time lurker, first time poster with a crazy idea that I'd appreciate some feedback about. I am about to settle on a 2x1 duplex pair in Yokine, and anticipate a gross rental return of $620/week. The units are in average condition (built ~1975). The block is 769sqm and...
  13. A

    Minimum Requirement for Duplex Development in Brisbane

    Hi guys, I have done a 4 townhouses development in Newcastle NSW and currently doing another 6 units development. Due to family reasons my family is going to move to Brisbane in 2013 and look forward to continuing similar small to medium size development in Brisbane. After reading the DCP...
  14. I

    Renovating Duplex - Common Property

    We're looking at removing timber floors and replacing them with concrete on a 100+ year old inner city duplex. The main reason is that there is some termite damage and the concreting is the only permanent way to avoid termites in future. The problem is, after removing the timber flooring...
  15. T

    Best bank for resi construction loan? ANZ or Homeside?

    Hi guys, So I am getting close to purchasing my first IP/duplex development project and a about to go for pre approval. Given my maximum borrowing power is pretty close to the amount I will need during the height of the construction phase, my mortgage broker has suggested it is a good idea...
  16. B

    Finance for purchasing property and building Duplex

    Hi, I would like to get advice on this investment proposition: I currently own a residential property(A)(mortgaged) and the property directly behind me (B) it is up for sale. The previous owners of B prepared a Development Application to knock down the existing old house and build an...
  17. N

    Duplex Sites Sydney

    Hi All I'm in the process of doing research into sydney. Duplex Development. Victorian Land Tax and Melbourne Yeild means time to start looking elsewhere. Looking for blocks of land for a duplex type development. I have a criteria which i apply to melbourne which is below - The melbourne...
  18. jsoe

    soil test

    the block we're purchasing (offer accepted) has 149 certificate from Council. It showed the property is identified as being Clause 3 (works beyond 1 meter below the natural ground surface, works by which watertable is likely to be lowered beyond 1 meter below natural surface) on acid sulphate...
  19. N

    Melbourne Development

    Hi all After doing some research here and buying a block of land with a house on it i'm diving straight into subdividing it. Renting out the current house till we are ready to buiild. Location bundoora Victoria - city of darebin. Hope to get some help from the users of the forum...
  20. E

    free standing duplex behind one another possible?

    Hey guys I've been a long time reader of the forum. and I do love this place.. sad to say, I haven't contributed much. I do have a quick question though, specially for those who may be familiar with the Bankstown LGA, other LGA might be similar in ways, so feel free to contribute.. So...