1. G

    Easements and Unapproved Extensions in VIC

    Hi All, Looking to make an offer on my first property (intent is to live in for 2-3 years then utilise it as an IP) and upon review of the Section 32, I found that there is an drainage easement along the back fence. The bad news is the current owners have built a non-council approved...
  2. anbuuu

    Building a Duplex on Sydney West

    Hi guys This is my first post, so any mistakes please be gentle :-). I own a 840 sqm property in Sydney West coming under Holroyd Council. I had a chat with Council about going forward in building a duplex and the Town planner said that there will be no issues in building a duplex and selling...
  3. C

    Garage over easement

    Looking at properties, coming across a couple with easements. One I'm going to auction at tomorrow is pretty safe, I'm sure, as far as the easement goes (I don't think anything is above the easement...) Another property seems to have the garage situated above the easement, though. So...
  4. A

    sewer(NSW) - encase or relocate

    hi guys; i am doing a subdivision at the moment for those with experience with sewers is it generally cheaper to encase or to relocate a sewer ? (i think i have to relocate/encase about 20m of sewer :( )
  5. J

    Legality of easements & access

    I own an acreage block under Moreton Bay Regional Council, just north of Brisbane. About 15 years ago, they (now UnityWater) plumbed a sewerage trunk main with 5 manholes across the middle of the block. I have just done a title search and there are no easements listed on the property, so my...
  6. jsoe

    what is this?

    :confused: Can someone please help me? I got a copy of the contract and found this big dark line across the block on the diagram. What is it and how can this affect the battle-axe? The block is 1220sqm with the existing house sitting at the front of the block. I don't think that dark line is...
  7. A

    Buying home with drainage easement and sewer main

    Would you buy this property? The property has a easement to drain water 1.22 m wide (in contract) but seems to also have a sewer main that appears to be running very close to the house itself (sewerage diagram). I have read that easements or sewer mains are not typically a concern but I...
  8. M

    Council wants easement on my property...ADVICE SOUGHT PLEASE

    Hello everyone... :) I am new to this forum, and the reason I joined was to ask for advice from others who know way more about these particular situations than I do, so I'm hoping that I'm not out of line by posting here. The situation: The local Council has come to us requesting that we...
  9. brendio

    Compensation for granting easement

    I think my question got buried in my other thread, so I'll ask it again here. Has anyone had experience with approaching a neighbour for an easement through their property to run services such as sewerage or stormwater drains. How much compensation is generally needed to gain their permission? I...
  10. T

    Build Over Sewer - Our new purchase and Sydney Water ISSUE

    Hi guys, I am about to purchase a 20 year old property (approx) in Sydney where the public sewer enters the plot in the corner of the back yard, cuts through the back yard towards the house and under it, out the other side where it picks up the kitchen and toilet etc, then makes its way down...
  11. B

    Help with Subdivision

    Hey Guys, I own a large block (1400sqm's) in the blacktown LGA. We are looking to get a DA for splitting the block into to two. The block slopes to the back, however there is no stormwater through the block. Council have advised we need to get an easement through the block behind to run the...