1. M

    the property puzzle

    Is this still a valued book or is there others I should read?
  2. S

    Online Property Investment Course

    I'm an active investor and have built a sizable portfolio, but I want to take it further. I've spoken to a number of "mentors" and "coaches" but so far haven't found someone who gets me. I'm currently looking online for a course. Question: Has anyone here know of any online property...
  3. mixedup

    Is a renovation course tax deductible?

    Anyone able to confirm if a renovation course tax deductible? If yes how would it be handled? e.g. expense in current year?, have to wait until sell reno to claim? etc
  4. D

    Most people's attitude to finance...

    I came across this description in the interwebs today (UK Guardian money section), and it's just so true.. "...the more powerful driver, though, is a fear of being made a fool. John Lanchester described how most people's attitude to finance, of any sort, is to be confused in anticipation...
  5. G

    Becoming a property analyst or valuer

    I am interested in doing some post grad quals in Property to become a property valuer or work for a development company or some sort of property career (not sales, I am not sure I have the people skills). Are there any valuers on this forum who could tell me if there is any way around getting...