1. T

    an open letter to Simone Semmens

    Hi Simone, Just want to say I admire the leap you've made from news reader to property mogul and ask you a few questions if I may. Please reply by PM if you don't feel comfortable answering on a public forum or consider them too personal. 1) did your high income play a significant role in...
  2. Alex P Keaton

    RCD - Connected to my power but not my lights

    Just found out from the electrician that my RCD is connected to my power but not to my lights. My PPOR unit complex are installing a whole new switchboard and the cost per unit is $650. I was told that each owner has to pay the $650 however you will be refunded if you already have an RCD. I...
  3. W

    Pluumber took taps, electrician cut timber bench top

    Who is responsible? Could anyone provide information about responsibility for the following two situations that occurred during the management of my residential property. 1. A plumber was called regarding the kitchen sink taps, which were reported as ‘old jamming and would not turn off’...