equity access

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    How is the tax deductibility going to be apportioned?

    Hiya SS I have the following scenario IP1 - Joint ownership - Loan 1 loan for the property joint name, interest is deductible 50/50 - Loan 2 new loan of $13K joint name, currently 2/3rd used to pay IP2 renovation IP2 - my name only - Loan 1 loan for the property, joint name...
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    Valuations - go through broker or organise myself?

    Hi, I am wondering what the best method is for getting valuations to release equity from properties in a portfolio? Our current portfolio including PPOR includes 3 properties. Given these are all in Sydney I would like to get them revalued again in the coming months. So far we have...
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    Retiree seeks line of credit on low LVR acreage property to access reno funds

    The South Australian property was a successful business before being relocated and bought by us for private purposes, but now plans have been made to renovate, re-start the business and sell. All plans drawn up, property is acreage with heavy exposure to traffic/potential customers and a...
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    Convert PPOR to IP and release equity

    This might seem obvious, but I bought my wife's unit. We both met at a later age, I had some cash from selling a previous property, she had a 160k mortgage on her unit, so after we got married we had it valued and I paid her $360k. 2 years later we moved to our freshly built new house and the...
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    Buying in Melbourne (my 2nd property) tips

    Hi Guys I currently hold one property in Elwood (apartment) and am looking to purchase my second one. I have released equity from my initial property and am looking to buy a new one around the 300-350k mark in Melbourne. I'm looking for a property with land which I can potentially develop...