1. S

    ?Equity? to our property ? CBA and frustration.

    G?day. We are facing some dilemma and hope this knowledgeable group can shed some light. We have two loans with CBA: one home and one investment. Since they were created about seven years ago, the market values have increased to about $250k combined. Contacted CBA and was sent to see this...
  2. G

    Valuations - go through broker or organise myself?

    Hi, I am wondering what the best method is for getting valuations to release equity from properties in a portfolio? Our current portfolio including PPOR includes 3 properties. Given these are all in Sydney I would like to get them revalued again in the coming months. So far we have...
  3. B

    Structure of IP2 Loan

    Hello, I'm looking at purchasing my second IP in the near future. I have a loan of 320k for IP1. IP1 currently valued approx 450k. I was looking at using the equity available as deposit for IP2. From what I can gather, my available equity will be 40k ? Am looking at IP2 approx value 280k...
  4. S

    Retiree seeks line of credit on low LVR acreage property to access reno funds

    The South Australian property was a successful business before being relocated and bought by us for private purposes, but now plans have been made to renovate, re-start the business and sell. All plans drawn up, property is acreage with heavy exposure to traffic/potential customers and a...
  5. C

    Comprehensive Mortgage Calculator - Spreadsheet Alternative

    Hi everybody. I am new to this site, and the content in these forums is exactly what I was hoping to find. A few years back I spent months trying to collaborate Mortgage Spreadsheets that i had downloaded/was given/bought etc. to be able to create one that would allow me to view amortised...
  6. T

    Using equity in IP, put into PPOR offset

    Hi all, Current situation: Property 1 - Is an OTP and will be our PPOR when completed by March - Will be opting to get an IO loan with offset attached. - Will rent out this property in 7-10, years time when we eventually move to a bigger home as our family expands - The loan on property 1 will...
  7. Richard Feynman

    LVR Q - overestimating property val during equity loan app.

    Quick question to clarify my assumption (or correct it). My LVR is almost 90% at present based on the recently agreed PPOR value between my lender and I (which I estimated during a successful equity loan app). I believe my PPOR is worth more than the recently agreed value. Now, if I...
  8. melzinoz

    Creating equity before settlement

    Hi Guys, forgive me if I am naive, I am pretty new to all of this! :) I just wanted some insight/opinions on creating further equity from improvements during settlement. I have made an offer on an IP property and am thinking, while the inside is great, adding some street appeal might...
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    Granny Flat Bathroom

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    Granny Flat Kitchen

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    Granny Flat

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    Granny Flat Laundry

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  13. V

    How to extract equity out of a property?

    Hello I have one property which I purchased about 3 years ago. I am looking to buy another one by using equity (if any) from my existing property. My current loan is with Westpac. I went to Westpac, they said in order to value and see how much we can pull out they would need to apply...
  14. E

    Development feasibility

    Hi all, I have an overall goal. It's basically to find a property (vacant land or house), demolish, subdivide in half, and build 2 houses. I want to know if my thinking for funding this project is correct. I'll use rounded numbers and make it very very basic to make things simple. Say i...
  15. E

    Can I purchase using a properties own equity?

    Hello everyone, This may be a silly question but I thought that if anyone would know it would be you guys *don't slam me!*. I currently have 2 IPs, house and lands, negatively geared, low CG but I'm thinking positive that they will do well once the estates are completed (3-5 years)...
  16. B

    Use Equity to reduce interest?

    Hi All, First of all just wanted to say great forum with lots of helpful info. :) I'm still a newb at this so just wanted to get opinions/re-assurance that what I'm thinking is right. Just under 2 years ago my wife and I got a house built (PPOR). It was valued at $420K on completion...
  17. K

    Not allowed re-finance to have equity as cash

    I have a PPOR bought at 390k and now valued at 440K. I have outstanding loan of 320k. I was thinking of fixing a part of it and at the same time refinance to get some equity and put it in the offset account for future investments. 80% of 440k is 352k so I should be be able to get 32k. But the...
  18. S

    Capital Gain, Equity and IP Loan Question

    Hey all, New reader of the forum, new member and keen to invest. I have yet to find an answer to this, so i thought id chuck it in here too see peoples views. Say you have a PPOR that you bought (took out a loan) for $300 000. And whether it be by sheer luck or waiting 10-20 or so years...
  19. L

    drawinng funds from equity....best to use offset account???

    hi guys, im new to the forum. ive got 1 IP in QLD and have now moved down to NSW. just wondering, say ive my IP has a loan for $200k, i have equity of $100k, i want to draw out $50k for personal use ie. debt consolidation, holiday, car or whatever but i also want to draw out a little extra...
  20. Alex P Keaton

    Buy 1 bed & Renovate or Unrenovated 2 bed

    Hi guys, I am curious what you guys would do! If you were starting out and financially could afford to buy either a 1 bedroom unit and renovate it or buy a 2 bedroom unit without renovating (because of the lack of extra cash to renovate it) What would you choose? Options a. 1 bedroom...