1. awsydney

    Recommendation for property manager in Erskineville

    Hi, Apart from the local agents, can anyone recommend a good property manager for my new apartment in Erskineville Sydney?
  2. awsydney

    Huge $$ savings tip

    I accidentally stumbled upon this one recently which saved me over $21,000. I was interested in a brand new apartment in Erskinville, Sydney which cost $610,000. Due to the NSW's government's stimulus plan, all home buyers get 50% off the stamp duty on newly built homes up to only $600,000...
  3. G

    Baulkham hills or Erskineville

    Hi all, Getting prepared to purchase my next IP. Budget is around 450-470K. I have two suburbs in mind, Baulkham hills or Erskineville. They very different to each other but I think both can provide strong CG. I would either buy 2bdrm apartment in Erskineville or 3 bdrm house in balkum...