1. A

    Self Representing on Settlement - Excel Templates

    Hi There, I have decided to self represent on my settlements from now on and would like to know if anyone has an Excel template that calculates the rates and taxes that are apportioned to the Buyer and Seller and also can produce a settlement statement as well? Much appreciated.
  2. Kent Cliffe

    My Search Software - Target out of area agents

    Hi All, This has nothing to do with Momentum Wealth as I've been interested in property before I started with them. This project has been done 100% by me. A little project of mine was to target out of area agents to put offers on properties. The reason for this includes: 1) They didn't...
  3. Luke

    Excel formula qn - Extending a Depreciation Schedule...

    Hey all, looking for an excel guru out there I have a six year old depreciation schedule, and I need to figure out how to extend the useful life of it... (you're speaking to my accountant) As it stands, I know everything on a standard DepSched. - original cost, already claimed, the residual...