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    Frankston (Sth) IP 3Br 600sqm Extend or Subdivide?

    Bought a Frankston (VIC) IP few years ago, 3Br old weather-board house on a concrete slab. House is very basic but in average living condition, currently rented out. The house is in a good pocket close to Frankston/FrankstonSouth boundary, few hundred metres from Frankton high school. The plan...
  2. B

    Reccommended small builders in Melbourne for extension

    We have recently bought a small renovated 2 BR California Bungalow in The Northern Suburbs of Melbourne, and we are having great trouble trying to find a recommended builder whose costs aren't excessive. Our quotes have been rather expensive as most places that do extensions offer the full...
  3. tyng

    House underpin - need help!

    Dear fellow Somersoft Forum members, Our property had an extension added to it about 10 years ago and since early last year we noticed cracks on the extension's walls (not very big) and the floor sank below the main house. An inspector came and measured the inclined to be about 20mm, and told...
  4. K

    Sydney Builders ??

    Does anyone have recommendations for a budget builder in Sydney? I am looking to do build an extra bedroom with an ensuite and walk in robe. My price requirements are between $1000-1500 sqm Builders on the forum, please give me your contact details so that I can discuss my requirements...
  5. M

    Building Garage with an Apartment Studio

    I live in Northern part of melbourne. More precisely Meadow Heights. I was thinking about building double garage and a small apartment at the top. I was quoted $100k. If I decided to sell the house, would this sort of construction add the same $100k value to the overall property price? My...