family trust

  1. R

    Transfer property to Family Trust

    ive learned so much from stalking this forum but this is my first post. So I hope I'm putting this post in the right space. 10 years ago my parents 'gifted' land to my brother who took out a mortgage to build a house on the land and rented it to my parents. Since then my parents have...
  2. M

    Family Trust Questions

    Hi all, I'm setting up a Family Trust which will hold a share portfolio and later investment property. Early on, the benefits of the trust will be smaller and asset protection issues lesser. Later these become important, but for now I mainly want to set it up right, start accumulating assets...
  3. D

    CGT minimisation for Family Trust

    Hi All, I wish to sell shares purchased within a family trust and use the proceeds to pay down my PPOR. I would obviously like to minimise CGT! For round numbers lets say that I have a portfolio worth $300k with $100k profit. I have approx $100k Profit (CGT) to minimise and could...
  4. Willocb

    Newbie - How to Setup?

    Hi, I am new to property investing and want to take the plunge, but want to get it right. I am interested in building an investment property. My father and I are interested in investing together and making it a bit of a team effort. - What are the positives and negatives of setting up...