1. A

    Maybe tenants - 21 year old looking after sisters aged 16 and 17

    I started self managing my IP in August last year and had AAA grade tenants who are moving to Sydney - looking for a property to rent in Penrith if someone wants them. 2 cats and did I mention - best tenants ever. New maybes are 21 year old male and his 2 sisters who are 16 and 17 (years 12...
  2. C

    Setting up a Family Trust

    Hi all, I would love to hear your opinions on the Advantages and Disadvantages of setting up a Family Trust to purchase property under as oppose to regularly purchasing under your own name. Cheers
  3. thydzik

    how does a discretionary trust borrow money?

    Can someone please explain to me how do loans work with a discretionary trust? If a trust wants to purchase a property, I can understand a proportion will be based on the value of the property and a deposit will be required. but does the bank look at serviceability? how does this work, is...
  4. G

    How to structure a trust

    My wife and I own several properties in Qld and have reasonable knowledge of basic residential investment. We have taken some time off work so am currently limited in accessing more funds. We have found two potential investments that we would love to be involved in. One is basically cash flow...
  5. G

    Cleardocs have you used them?

    I recently use clear docs to set up my family trust I must admit it was pretty easy, only $137 I went to my accountant and after he charged me $440 for a chat about if I should set one up. I already knew I should and gave him a complete rundown via email, so after my chat I get a bill for...
  6. A

    Buying the family home with siblings

    My wife and I are thinking about buying my wifes mothers house from her. She is going into aged care and needs a lump sum. We are thinking of buying it in conjuction with other members of her family. We will live there as our primary home and pay rent to the other members of the family. Bar the...
  7. J

    Buying off family and renting back to them

    Hi Folks, Long time reader, first time contributor. Just needing advice on helping out my parents living in Sydney (I live in WA) who are having problems paying their mortgage. They want me to purchase their family home below market value (approx $50-$60k) and rent it back to them at market...
  8. The Boyle Family

    The Boyle Family

    BR, Murali, Ducky and Punnjab!!