1. Gedro

    Anyone heard of Managed Property? Brisbane based Property Managers

    I've just purchased a 3 bedroom unit in Morningside QLD and am looking for a property manager. I came across Managed Property (http://www.managedproperty.com.au) that only charge $22/wk. This appears to be good value. Has anyone tried them? Any other Property Manager recommendations for...
  2. H

    Property management fees... advice needed

    Hi i'm renting a property out for the firs time in Brisbane, this is what the property manager wants to charge. 8.5% of the weekly rent. additional fees and charges is this standard?
  3. G

    Fees commercial vs residential

    What can I expect fee wise when getting involved in commercial property as opposed to residential? Are rates the same? Or is there extra due to being commercial? Insurances? Is there a general rule of thumb? TIA
  4. U

    Discharge and refinance cost?

    I'm trying to figure out the threshold amount of interest/fees savings in order to make it worthwhile to move lenders (refi). Say I have a $250k loan PPOR no LMI 80% LVR (plain vanilla type of loan), and want to refinance, how much interest and fee savings would it take for it to be worthwhile...
  5. Alex P Keaton

    PT Fees for student / nearly qualified

    Hi I've scored my first PT client. I'm working full time - (for extra info) She works at my department and has seen & been impressed by my weight loss transformation from when I lost 31 kg from 2010 - 2012. Over the years we have had some chats & have even met for a lunch a while ago where she...
  6. D

    Surveyor Costs and Project Management Fees

    Hello forum! I am a newbie...both to the forum and the property market :) 1st Project ....Looking to buy a block of land approx 2400 sqm with an existing house in Sydney SouthWest Growth Centre very soon (currently in the contract drafting stage). The plan is to retain the existing house...
  7. M

    Small banks and their attractive variable/fixed rate?

    Hi all, I went with one of the four major banks for my recent loan and my friend who is an agent asked why I didn't go with CityBank or Bankwest as they have attractive rates. He basically said I got ripped off. I said I prefer to go with the major banks; Bankwest for example for what I...
  8. Alex P Keaton

    Exclusive Management Authority Perth Fees - Is this expensive ?

    What do you think of the following? Expensive? Any advice would be good. I wish I hadnt left all the research till the last minute but I guess its better late than never hey. I wont be rushing into signing any contracts until i talk to a few pm's. 2 pm's are coming in the morning. Hope someone...
  9. mikesplace

    fees for management QLD

    Hi, what are the typical fees for ongoing management of an investment property in QLD? I have been quoted 5% to collect the rent and 3% to manage the 5% seems rather high, its not some crappy house in a dodgy area, aren't there defined legal procedures for non payment of rent and all the...
  10. D

    Strata Manager Penalty Fees

    I am a PM and have recently seen a massive increase in fees being charged by Strata Managers to owners for late payment of accounts. These fees are paid to the Strata Manager and not to the Body Corporate. For example, one Strata Manager in Canberra applies a fee of $44 if payment is not made...