1. C

    Boundary fence needing replacement but neighbours not willing to put in

    The boundary fence of our IP is needing replacing and our tenants have voiced concerns for their children's safety in the backyard. They have been very good and have repaired it as they can. Our PM has approached the neighbour sharing the fence and while they are quite willing to have a new...
  2. Fence post

    Fence post

    Fence post poor conrete
  3. Take a look at our fence after

    Take a look at our fence after

    Isnt it amazing what a coat of paint can do
  4. Take a look at our fence before

    Take a look at our fence before

    These are before and after photos of our clients fence on a project we are working very hard on in Cessnock
  5. Tenant from hell causes fence fire

    Tenant from hell causes fence fire

    We heard about this tenant from hell who decided to burn off weeds and grass. He ended up making the fence catch on fire. The poor landlord next door had paid for the fence himself as the owner who had the Tenant From Hell wouldnt pay half for the fence
  6. laurieload

    What do you think of this PVC fence?

    We have a (soon to be) rental property with a large street frontage and a very small back yard. The land slopes and its on the lower side of the street, and since the bedrooms face this way and they don't have much privacy we wanted to put up a privacy fence to make a decent sized garden...
  7. A

    fencing - who should pay

    hi guys; i am doing a subdivision, and as part of bushfire evaluation, i have to cut down ~30 trees (along the boundary line to a neighbour) and reconstruct fence as part of DA condition Q1) who should pay for fence: DFA says 50/50 for most cases unless one party deliberately damage...
  8. H

    Advice Needed

    Hi, Just moved into new property and put up the colorbond fence last week. Developer has coming back saying this is not the right color and you should get it replaced with the right color. Just wondering, is it possible to paint new color bond fence? or what other options have I got in...
  9. D

    Fencing South Hedland

    Hi Does anyone know the cost of installing new boundary fencing in South Hedland please? It would be approx 120 metres of fencing. (do I have to track down the owner of neighbouring properties to get their approval?) I have had a quote but it was ridiculous so I thought I'd ask here if...
  10. aaarghhh

    Wanted: Surveyor north brisbane

    Hello I'm looking to get an IP fence boundary repegged. Does any one have any recommendation for a surveyor on the north side of town, and how much this will cost? Thanks
  11. PPOR_004


  12. $500 Fence

    $500 Fence

    see below