1. Prop Meeting WA

    Perth Prop Meeting - Wed 21 Jan: Value-Add Projects that Make Money! (Session 1)

    Firstly a happy new year to everyone! We hope this year is a spectacular year for you and your families. Over the Christmas break PropertyMeeting has been working hard to come up with a calendar of events that is sure to stretch the investing muscle of our group members and push them to be much...
  2. R

    Offset account vs partial repayment- Newbie doubts

    Hello Experts, I am a newbie and following this forum since quite time.I am educating my self for buying a IP in coming days, have some questions though. kindly correct me if any of my assumption/belief are wrong- 1) I wanted to take a loan as PPOR , stay there for 6 months then covert it...
  3. Spades

    How would you restructure my friends loan/finances?

    Hi All, Firstly i'm trying to help out a work colleague who has 3 young children and a wife who works also. Work colleague used aussie home loans and purchased a ppor a year ago.Loan was through BOM. He put down 20% deposit,cashed in shares for the deposit and is paying P&I with no...
  4. D

    All in the Family Duplex

    My wife and I are in the early stages of contemplating doing a duplex development with our daughter and her partner. Our tentative plan is to buy a knockdown, do the development, move in and then after 12 months sell and do it all again or wait until there is sufficient equity in the first...
  5. T

    Calling all couples..... how are your finances structured?

    So, hubby and I have bought a PPOR in joint names. Unfortunately this has messed around with our serviceability for buying in sole names (because we are each responsible for our PPOR debt) so we will be able to buy more IPs if we buy them as tenants in common (according to our knowledgeable...