first home owners grant.

  1. cocka2

    First home buyer grant - ACT

    hi All, Is there any income test for being eligible for the first home buyer grant in ACT ? Thanks,
  2. V

    First Home Owners Grant/Trust

    I am a first home buyer and will be living in the residence for the first 6 months to be eligible to claim the grant. After 6 months, I would like to rent this property out. Question 1: If i wanted to transfer this property into a brand new trust after the initial 6 months what fees would...
  3. S

    Potts Point Studios / 1 Bedrooms on a tear due to first home owners grant. Sell?

    Hey guys I used to live in Sydney but I moved to HK 2 years and have been watching the low end housing market in Sydney rip up with interest due to the FOHG. In particular Potts Point as I have a 1 bedroom and studio apartment there. I spent a bit of time researching this weekend and sent...