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    Advice for First Time Buyer in Victoria

    Hi, I've been reading this forum for years now and am finally in a position to invest so would like some advice as I have two ideas and am unsure which one I should go with or some other idea. Goal: To set myself up to purchase a second IP in 12 to 18 months. (Budget $350-380k) Idea...
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    Which suburb to look at, 450K budget, 2 beds

    Hi All, I'm looking for my first home with 2 bedrooms and have a budget capped at $450K. Any suggestions on which suburbs to look at? Thanks.
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    House and Land packages

    Hi Guys, My partner and I are looking at buying our first home in Mittagong. We are thinking of doing a house and land package, live in it for 6 months and then rent it out and move back home so we can pay extra off it and then buy something else. What are your thoughts on house and land as...
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    first home buyers can take my already paid deposit for 576 block of land in 3338 vic

    I paid 10 % deposit already to land sales office and we cant settle because of multiple reasons. I don't want my 10 % deposit to go in waste to developer caz we dont want to settle caz of multiple reasons so i was thinking I might help any first home buyer who is sturgling with deposit .I can...
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    Planning to buy our first home...

    Hi everyone, We are planning to buy our first home in North-West Sydney. We are moving to Sydney from Brisbane this month. We have heard that if we buy our first home before 31/12/2011 we will get the first home buyer grant as well as stamp duty concession. But from 1/1/2012 we will not get...
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    Pre-settlement inspection denied

    Hi all, I've been lurking on this site for a while now rushing to get as much info as possible in a short period of time for my first home purchase, and this is my first post. I would really appreciate any clarification on my issue. Basically I have purchased a house in Adelaide, my settlement...
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    Buying our very first propery!

    Hey all! we have finally decided to buy our first house! Our budget is somewhere between 350000k-375000k only. cant afford something more than this. We and my wife are both aged 27 yrs. We are novice and need some advice. We are confused between few suburbs and just cant decide as to where...
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    How about deer park?

    All, A big hello to everyone in the forum. Just wanted to thank you to all for the valuable info provided. Great site. Myself and a mate have decided to make the plunge into the property market recently. We were looking at buying a house and land package at Deer Park(walkable to the Vline...