first investment

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    I'm getting lost!

    I read the term ?analysis paralysis? on here somewhere on here the other day and seemed pretty apt for where my head is at right now. I'm a complete novice in this area, although i've been reading as much as I can i'm at the point where I could do with some independent advise in order to gain...
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    First investment property- Gold coast

    Hello all Just looking for people's thoughts about buying in the Gold coast. There's an opportunity to buy a new 4 Bedroom house and land package in Coomera. With a lot of new development, a westfield shopping center being opened and high demand for rental it seems like a good...
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    IP Strategy

    Hi im 20 years old and hoping to buy my first property. I have saved a deposit and been pre-approved. I just want to get some background info from some experienced investors. my goals is to hopefully keep investing in properties and retire early. There is so much information out there that...
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    Advice/opinion/guidance wanted!!!

    Hi everyone, I need your help. I'll try explain... my wife and I have decided to use the equity in our house in Albury NSW for a deposit to either buy or build another property (house, not unit). We bought the house a few years ago as our PPOR but have since moved to Darwin so its currently...
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    Is Newcastle a good option?

    Hi everyone, I'm a wannabe first time investor, and this is my first post on here (so please go easy on me!). I'm looking to buy an IP at around the $300k mark, do a bit of a cosmetic reno and then rent it out. I was planning to buy in the western suburbs of Sydney, but from what I've...
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    local council and WAPC building regs

    Hey everyone! After months of reading old posts I have finally signed up to post my first thread! I am at the early stages of finding an investment property. I have a partner who is a builder so we are looking to find an old house (close to knock down) on a big block (700m2+) 15kms within...
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    buying first IP, quickest way to buy second.

    Hi all!!:) its my first post /thread so please forgive me if its a little amature compared to others.:o im a 23 year old man that lives in Adelaide, SA. im extreamly passionate about property and im FINALLY in a posistion where i have saved a decent deposit for my first investment...
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    Investment fund or property??

    Hi Community, This is my first thread so hi everyone... i need a bit of advice im in two mind if i should invest in property or stay in my invest fund im in atm i make about 15k year on my investment and get tax about 2k on that ..... question is if u had 300k what would u do with it in all...
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    First investment Melbourne

    I know some of you might think I am crazy but anyway. I want to purchase an investment property, I don't have a large amount to spend - 200 -250 very max. I am only really interested in an apartment or studio. I want a mix of yield and capital gains, It will be a long term investment as...