first ip

  1. E

    advice needed on first investment property

    Hi there, I am looking for some advice. I am at a stage where I am ready to invest in my first investment property, I?ve spent a bit of time reading books and checking this forum for days on end. However I am still very confused as to the exactly area I want to be purchasing in. I am...
  2. E

    Advise on 1st Property Purchase

    Hi all, Would like to hear your opinion on my first IP purchase... A bit of background: House price is at $190-200K mark at postcode 2320 close to shopping centre on a relatively quiet street, gross yield 7.5% (already tenanted) I have enough to offset the entire loan for 10 months or...
  3. R

    Should we have a joint account?

    My daughter and I have just bought our first IP as tenants-in-common with a half share each. We have separate loans. Would we be advised to open a joint account to have the rent deposited into and pay rates and other outgings from this account and then periodically split the excess income to...
  4. gazerooni

    First IP, then expanding family

    Hi all, first time posting but long time reader. We are just about to bite the bullet and purchase our first IP. In 12 months time we hope to have another child then my wife will stop working for a few years. The plan is to buy a couple of slightly negative geared (or even positive if we...