fixed rate

  1. K

    Can Fixed Rates go any lower ?

    The banks response to APRA is to reduce discounts on variable rates. Will they reduce discounts on fixed rates too ? And O/S bond yields look like they are rising - is that likely to increase fixed rates here ? It looks to me as though fixed rates have bottomed & the only way from here is...
  2. U

    ING Direct loan 5-year fixed

    I came across a post in another forum about this article: "John Symond fixes his investment property mortgage rate" I find this ING product to be enticing. 5 years 4.89%...
  3. Richard Feynman

    Taking a $16k hit - breaking fixed rate loan. Negotiation/anything I can gain?

    Pending swap rate movements, I'm on the brink of breaking my CBA PPOR loan and copping a $16k fee. Apart from a valuable lesson, is there anything I can gain from this situation? e.g. Tell bank I'm breaking to refinance with another lender and negotiate a better variable rate if I stay...