1. Great teenage getaway

    Great teenage getaway

    Here is a great idea instead of moving out keep the kids at home until they save up for that deposit for a Home or if you just need more space. Smart Looking Sheds Australia have a great range of sizes and styles and can even design to match your existing home. have a look at...
  2. M

    Building approval by council

    We are looking to buy an IP containing 3 units in southcoast area in one title. The offer has been accepted. The additional 2 units have been attached to the original house. The agent has sent us the council approval regarding the extension of the property to have 3 units. The approval was done...
  3. Granny Flat Bathroom

    Granny Flat Bathroom

    Our modern bathrooms create a sense of luxury while providing investors with the reassurance their investment is creating growth. www.propertybloom.com.au
  4. Granny Flat Kitchen

    Granny Flat Kitchen

    Our granny flat kitchens provide plenty of room for entertaining with a choice of colour options. www.propertybloom.com.au
  5. Granny Flat

    Granny Flat

    Our granny flats are ideal for our clients who are getting started in developing right through to clients who are adding to their existing property portfolio. www.propertybloom.com.au
  6. Granny Flat Laundry

    Granny Flat Laundry

    The laundry allows for a spacious living area, any tenant would enjoy using, whilst giving you a high rental yield on your investment. www.propertybloom.com.au