1. Buzz

    New Ultimate Online Renovation Course

    I think this is the best place for the post. I just wanted to let you know that after 9 months of filming hundreds of hours of renovation and property investing footage and having completed full 2 renovations for case studies going through a structural flip and a cosmetic reno my Online course...
  2. B

    New TV Show Seeking Flippers/Renovators

    I'm working on a new tv show about the lives of people who flip/renovate properties for profit, a mix of those doing it regularly and newbies too. I'm seeking expressions of interest from people in Sydney and Melbourne who're interested in appearing, no commitment at this stage, so no pressure...
  3. Jamess17

    OTP finance settlement issues / questions

    Scenario: - OTP property due for completion & settlement mid-June - 10% deposit paid - Partner & I entered contract both employed with significant income to service loan - I have since lost my job and partner's income insufficient to service loan as owner-occupier - However, partner's...