1. P

    Building and contents insurance for Floods

    Hi I have had an offer accepted on a property in the Logan area today. Solicitor informed me that as soon as contract is signed the property is considered ours so we need to organise building and contents insurance. I would like one that covers flooding extensively. Would love some...
  2. anbuuu

    Building a Duplex on Sydney West

    Hi guys This is my first post, so any mistakes please be gentle :-). I own a 840 sqm property in Sydney West coming under Holroyd Council. I had a chat with Council about going forward in building a duplex and the Town planner said that there will be no issues in building a duplex and selling...
  3. F

    Landlords Insurance with Flood cover

    I have a property in QLD & although i have not had flood damage to it yet, i am concerned about for the future. Can anyone advise me on which companies offer flood damage protection for rental properties. The property is managed with a large franchise company & they may be able to help me...
  4. R

    Sewer manhole a problem?

    Hi, not sure where to put this thread but I'm an FHB looking to build a new house. I just noticed in the engineering plan of the lot that there's a sewer manhole located in the right corner of the backyard. Have put in a deposit of $1k for the land and seriously considering to back off if it...