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    Timber floor problem - advice needed!

    Hi guys, I am building a duplex that is almost finishing, one of the units has polished bamboo floor, but the edges have expanded and the board have curved a little, not too bad but definitely not flat (floor laid about 6 month ago). Spoken to the floor guy, he said it was due to moisture in...
  2. Home Repairs

    Home Repairs

    New floor being built in the kitchen.
  3. Old kitchen mosaic floor

    Old kitchen mosaic floor

    not sure what to do in the kitchen area, may be Vinyl tiles......... dont like old mosaic floor.
  4. After new Laminated floor

    After new Laminated floor

    living area looks much better with laminated flooring.
  5. Preparation for Laminated flooring

    Preparation for Laminated flooring

    Recently renovated living area, carpet replaced with laminated flooring.
  6. Kitchen / dining floor coming up

    Kitchen / dining floor coming up

    kitchen / dining floor coming up - 1 layer of carpet over 2 layers of vinyl with a ton of November 1957 newspapers.....