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    Frankston (Sth) IP 3Br 600sqm Extend or Subdivide?

    Bought a Frankston (VIC) IP few years ago, 3Br old weather-board house on a concrete slab. House is very basic but in average living condition, currently rented out. The house is in a good pocket close to Frankston/FrankstonSouth boundary, few hundred metres from Frankton high school. The plan...
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    Development experiences with frankston council

    I've got a house on just under 900sqm in central frankston that I'm considering developing. With the new planning schemes, I'm not sure I'll get approval for three double storey townhouses, but thought I'd ask for some experienced opinions. Does anyone have experience with Frankston council...
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    Unit in Frankston - What's wrong with it?

    This property has been in the market for a few weeks and according to my calculations it is a positive cash flow investment. I wonder if someone here can pinpoint something wrong with it.
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    New Property Manager Frankston, Seaford, Carrum Downs, Mentone & More!

    Hi all, I have recently started with a new portfolio at an independent agency in Carrum Downs - Munn Partners Real Estate. If you aren't happy with your current Property Manager please get in touch. I know how to manage a property well, I am on time with routine inspections, quick to act...
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    Frankston investment

    I am hoping that this new thread for Frankston will provide a fresh outlook on the pros and cons for investing or living in Frankston. Approximately 3 years ago I invested in a house there and my reasons for investing there where: • Some of the cheapest property values in Australia, •...