1. front_11


  2. DSC04445


    This suspended slab has sunk by about 50mm in the middle. Will be propped up, filled and lower glass panels closed in to give privacy. If I lived here I would replace the security bars with louvres, but that is too costly right now.
  3. front corner

    front corner

    front corner
  4. front house after (at night)

    front house after (at night)

    1 of the 4 auto lighting zones I have setup at the front of the house. for a before photo just close your eyes!
  5. front house after

    front house after

    nearly finished this part of the house
  6. front house before

    front house before

    some work has taken place however it is pretty much the original condition of house
  7. Front yard

    Front yard

    ahh....this is a bit better. it's amazing what a few roses and a cleaner look can do!