1. Y

    Rent furnished or not?

    Hi there. I just purchased a renovated one bedroom unit very close to USYD (270A Bridge Road, Forest Lodge). It looks nice, is about 45 square meters with balcony and car park, north facing, top floor, quiet and looking over trees. My question is given the situation and potential tenants...
  2. P

    Furnished Investment Property with 2nd Hand Furniture

    Hi, I am about to move in with my partner and we have both amassed a full house of furniture in our time. My simply idea now is too move my furniture into my investment property as: The timing is right - the current tenant has just given notice to vacate and i could re-lease the property...
  3. Alex P Keaton

    Fully furnished or in storage ?

    I'm thinking of moving out of my PPOR and boarding for a couple of years or so as to save some money. I'm looking into the pros and cons of keeping my ppor studio unit fully furnished or whether to store my goods. Financially it would be cheaper to rent my ppor fully furnished wouldn't it? I...
  4. Alex P Keaton

    Oakajee Port and Rail OPR - Geraldton

    Oakajee Port and Rail (OPR) - Geraldton I am thinking about buying a 2 bedroom unit in Geraldton next year. The units are still quite affordable. Around the $150 K mark!! I think there will be some good CG! But I wander about rental demand and vacancies. With this new project going ahead...
  5. Alex P Keaton

    Put off by 2nd floor - unit

    Hi I am enjoying myself. :) I have started inspecting 1 bed units 5 - 7 km from Perth. I will know for sure on the 15th how much ANZ will loan me. The computer says $220 K. Just waiting for official confirmation on this. So far I have viewed 1 property with a communal laundry...