1. A

    Turning carport into an enclosed garage

    My 4 x 1 house in Armadale WA has a single carport for parking. It is brick and tile with carport under the same roof. New tenant had a ute he is doing up (well one day it will be I am sure) and 2 other cars that the family uses. He asked for a shed to put the ute in. Shed won't fit out the...
  2. J

    Advice/recs sought: bricking in carport

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice, and also recommendations as to tradespeople who you might recommend for the above task. Our PPOR is a double brick and tile single story house in Gwelup, WA. The carport is under the main roof, but it has wooden pillars and the 'walls' are wooden...
  3. R

    Weatherproof a galvanised steel garage

    I have a galvanised steel garage which is mostly used for storage. Attempt was made to use it or table tennis but the table buckled over a few seasons as dirt, dust and mositure get in this garage. I would like to weather proof this garage before I buy another table tennis table. I have seen...
  4. C

    Garage over easement

    Looking at properties, coming across a couple with easements. One I'm going to auction at tomorrow is pretty safe, I'm sure, as far as the easement goes (I don't think anything is above the easement...) Another property seems to have the garage situated above the easement, though. So...
  5. jsoe

    owner builder - insurance?

    Hi all, We're about to begin garage conversion to 2 bed 1 bath granny flat. I'd like to know what sort of insurances to get (to be wise) rather than taking on all options out there. I have contractors (plumber, electrician, carpenter) for less than $12,000 worth of work and contract. My...
  6. streetie

    Would you need council permission to do this?

    Take this picture for example, if I wanted to convert the garages into living space. Would I need permission from the council to take off the roller shutters and replace them with glass sliding doors for example and put in kitchen, bathroom etc..?
  7. garage flooring

    garage flooring

    this is a photo of a garage floor that i have completed for a client of mine using a product called allure garage it is a very easy DIY product and looks great when it is laid. the biggest plus to this is you can still park your car on it.