1. S

    First home, subdivision

    Hi, Chasing some advice on my current situation and proposed investment idea. I am a first home buyer I have been looking at properties that have sufficient space to subdivide, ie around 800-1000sqm around the inner Geelong area. I'm considering one property which I anticipate will go for...
  2. artdecolover

    Geelong West .. your advice &/or data?

    Hi all, I have been considering getting a foothold in the Geelong West market. I am looking at a 3br House PPOR that I can rent out rooms, gain first home owners grant, with the potential to completely lease out for some time while I address the principal. I believe Geelong West offers the...
  3. K

    Builder in Geelong

    Hi All Can anyone recommend a good builder who operates in Geelong/ North Geelong/ Rippleside area with a good track record in building townhouses? Thanks
  4. M

    Newcomb Geelong

    What are you thoughts about Newcomb suburb? Potential for growth? It's close to the water and to Geelong, so should be an advantage, I hope...