1. eKwatee

    Goods & Services that Have Risen in Price Due to The Carbon Tax

    I thought it would be interesting in compiling a real life list, rather than relying on hypothetical Treasury modeling to see in fact what Goods and Services have increased directly due to the Carbon Tax and by how much. I'll kick it off. My strata fees in an apartment complex where I own an...
  2. Dan_p

    Will the Carbon Tax increase property prices

    I might be way off target here but I would think the carbon tax will indirectly push up the price of housing in aus. I can see inflation across the board once the carbon tax comes in. The price of everything will go up so the construction of all houses will go up. So this could lead to a...
  3. Belbo

    A self-induced economic slowdown?

    A very interesting article indeed by Larry Schlesinger posted on the Property Observer site reports the view of Tony Crabb of Savilles that we have brough much of the current slowdown on ourselves by recent cuts to immigration numbers - I find this argument highly plausible (although I'll...
  4. D

    Effects of Recession on Property

    G'day All i am looking into buying an investment property for the first time and being a complete novice to all the in's and out's of property investment and economics i have been wondering what the likely effects of another recession could have on the property market. i would be interested...