granny flat

  1. D

    Tree removal and Granny Flat

    Hi there, I am considering building a granny flat on my Blacktown property though need to contend with a mature (20m plus hieght) Eucolyptus Tree. The tree restricts the optimal usage of the block Council has rejected my application for removal, I have also sought arborist advice which has...
  2. S

    Build granny flat or duplex?

    New to the forum and IP arena and seeking advice/help from experienced investors here. Recently bought an old house on a 700sqm land - close to station - in Blacktown LGA - cost $700k. Zoning - 2(a) - RESIDENTIAL 'A' CLAUSE 48 - which allows for dual occupancy. I knew subdivision of the...
  3. jodes92

    Existing Granny Flat- Victoria

    Hi Somersoft! Apologies if this has been covered before- read through many topics on building a granny flat but couldn't see anything about an existing one.. in Victoria. Have come across a house in regional Vic (to purchase) that has a granny flat out the back- looks to be "legit" with...
  4. W

    granny flat on strata duplex block

    Hi everyone I heard in NSW granny flats are not allowed on strata land. Can anyone confirm for WA if granny flat on strata land is allowed? Edit - CONFIRMED. Thanks
  5. jsoe

    S94 contribution fee Blacktown!!!

    This is what we received today for our 60sqm 2 bed 1 bath granny flat. Does this sound right to you?!! Blacktown council wouldn't send us email or invoice. This is verbal bill! "The S94 Contribution Fee = $9200.00 which must be paid prior to start of works & will be increased again after...
  6. tr450

    One title, two dwellings

    Hi there, My parents are looking to downsize their PPOR/free up some cash and I am looking for a place to call "home" for a few months of the year while I am not working. The plan is to buy a property together. We have found a property that we feel is suitable - 3 bed house with a 2 bed...
  7. J

    Granny Flat Proposal, ideas/comments?

    Hi all I am considering building a Granny Flat on my property for my mother. She is getting older and can no longer afford the high rents in the city since my sister has decided to move out. She would assist with around 60% of the building costs. I have attached a rough plan of my property and...
  8. Speedracer

    Granny flat option for my IP in Birmingham Gardens - Seeking your Feedback

    Hello, I am soon to settle on an IP purchase in Birmingham Gardens (Newcastle). I felt I paid good price for property, currently negatively geared but want to make it cash flow positive through Student accommodation and Granny Flat. If I move very quickly it is likely that I can build in...
  9. M

    Subdivision - Transfer Title under granny flat provisions to keep pension

    Hi all, My mum would like to transfer her fully paid off home over to me under the granny flat provisions which she qualifies under the reasonableness test amount. My concern is after receiving the title, can I demolish, subdivide and build a duplex on it (one for her to live in for life)...
  10. A

    Garage conversion Sydney

    Looking for recommendations for a builder experienced in the conversion of a solid double garage/bathroom to a granny flat. Local builders are baulking at using the appropriate legislation (or want to charge a fortune). The garage has a concrete floor (set on piers), pitched tile roof with...
  11. Alex P Keaton

    APK's Development - Small unit

    APK's Development strategy - Ancillary unit - Dual income I have committed to a strategy with my BA and I'm keen to share my journey! I'll tell you a little about it. These are some notes I made. Total Loan borrowings $550 k - $600 k House $370 K Construction of a 2 bed 70 sqm...
  12. J

    Strata title an attached granny flat

    Does any one know if we can Strata title an existing granny flat? It is in Camden council,450 sqm, corner block.Main house facing primary st.Attached granny flat facing secondary street. If yes Can I sell them separately? Joe
  13. laurieload

    ACT granny flat planning laws changed

    Just seen that GF's can now be 90m2 in ACT, and don't need to be related to occupants:
  14. A

    3 Townhouses v Reno + Granny Flat

    Please provide advice on the following situation: I bought a 1959 PPOR in 2005 as a knock-down rebuild in need of a substantial reno with the intention of developing until 2010 when mortgage would be nil. Circumstances meant no action until now but with recent Gosford CC zoning changes I find...
  15. angel0death

    Help with construction loan for a granny flat

    I bought a house in the western suburbs of Sydney as investment, with the intention of building a granny flat in the back. I knew that I wouldn't be able to build the granny flat right away, because I don't have enough cash. So, I've been saving up for it. Recently, I called up my bank to...
  16. M

    Ancillary accommodation open space query

    We're in the process of assessing development options for a ~1,300sqm, R25 lot in the City of Canning. One of the options being assessed is a 3 lot battleaxe development with the front lot being green title and >450sqm to allow for a granny flat to be incorporated into the build. This...
  17. Fisher

    Adding a granny flat

    Hi, I plan to knock down and rebuild my house. I also plan to build a granny flat as part of the new house, just with a separate entry. I am a bit confused how should my tax deduction look like after I do this. Is it similar to renting out a room in your house? I am planning to live in...
  18. D

    Determining Granny Flat Potential

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has a general checklist of things to consider when looking at houses to buy to build a granny flat in. Currently I have: - Wide frontage (more than 12m) - Land Size (450m2 or more) - Easements (not sure what is required in terms of this) - Sewerage...
  19. O

    Granny Flat - Triangle Block - Need Design Help

    Hi, this is my first post go easy on me if i am not following house rules. Looking at an investment property in NEWCASTLE NSW, strategy is:> to buy block with room for granny flat, reno the primary res, add G/F. buy & hold long term for income. Below is a link to a pdf for your detailed...
  20. Jdh

    Re-site house + convert to granny flat

    Hi, I'm after a bit of advise from those more experienced... I have an investment property on 575m2 block (fibro, about 100m2), and I have an offer of a free house as a friend is building on his block, his is an old fibro cottage about 100m2 too. I want to transport his cottage to the...