1. C

    First Home Buyers Grant After Buying IP

    Hi all, Most likely a simple Q and A but I have heard/read conflicting opinions recently... If your first property purchase was an IP which you had never lived in, could you later purchase a property to live in and claim the First Home Buyers Grant? Cheers
  2. cocka2

    Changing the contract after exchange before settlement

    Hi all, I have a question. I am purchasing a property, initially I indicated that I don't want to receive 7k government grant for first home owners. I would like to know if it is possible to change this now, after exchange, before settlement, or is it too late ? Does it cost something...
  3. T

    NSW New home grant scheme 2012 application question

    Hi all, Was reading up on the NSW new home grant scheme. Just a bit confused with the wording in the grant conditions. Say you are purchasing an off the plan unit and have just exchanged contracts but settlement won't be till...
  4. B

    BIG Brisbane Meeting / Mar 31st / FHOG Information Night

    Better Investing Group Meeting 31st March, 2009 Guest Speakers Elias Serrano Nick Cook Hello everyone! This month is a First Home Owner Grant information night and we have two speakers Elias Serrano, a Senior Client Education Officer with the Office of State Revenue who will...