1. aaarghhh

    No good deed goes unpunished.

    Hello There are asset protection benefits that come with a "HDT / corporate trustee" structure, and I was thinking if there is a similar latent benefit from a commercial lease embedded in a deed of "something or other" Has anyone considered if there is any value in embedding a commercial...
  2. T

    Hybrid Discretionary Trust in detail

    Hi, I have read up on how a HDT works in theory but I am trying to understand how it really works in practice. So I have created a scenario below to help me understand the issuing of Special Income Units, and what Capital is in a HDT. A HDT was set up on July 2008, with a Corporate...
  3. J

    Experienced broker for HDT borrow in personal name

    Hi, we have set up a HDT with a company as the trustee for property investment purpose. We are looking for a loan in order to purchase an IP in the HDT in the near future. Our accountant told us that we have to borrow under our personal names for the property to be purchased in HDT. We had...
  4. J

    Unit or not for HDT?

    We just set up a new Property investor trust through Chan & Naylor few months ago, and are going to start our property investment soon. I read lots of articles, and know that our trust is one of the HDT, I also notice about the TD 2009/17 and read some discussions in the forum, but I cannot find...