1. dfraser

    Coburg Hill & Surrounds

    I have a few questions about Coburg Hill and surrounds. Firstly what happened to the AIR development, did this fall through. Does anyone know exactly where it was going or is like to be. I'm considering buying land or house & land in the Coburg Hill estate but don't want to be close to a...
  2. kitchen original wall

    kitchen original wall

    looking at the wall that was removed to open up the living area
  3. kitchen during works

    kitchen during works

    kitchen after removing wall
  4. bedroom 2 completed

    bedroom 2 completed

    sliding door installed
  5. bedroom 3 during works

    bedroom 3 during works

    removing old window to place a sliding door
  6. bedroom 2 before

    bedroom 2 before

    original window in 2'nd bedroom
  7. kitchen/living area completed

    kitchen/living area completed

    kitchen after, we knocked out a wall that was near the now new island bench
  8. kitchen before

    kitchen before

    kitchen before