1. E

    NSW - local holiday suggestions, pet friendly?

    I'm changing role and will have a good 3 weeks break in between. I'm thinking of 1 week local NSW holiday. I want to bring my puppy, so hoping for a place that can allow dogs in the accommodations (not just outside). Since it's holiday and it's winter.... place with bathtub! Also want to...
  2. Alex P Keaton

    2 week overseas holiday cost ?

    Hi Im wanting to go overseas for 1-2 weeks. My cousin is getting married. As I have never been overseas I have no idea about cost. Approx how much do you think it will cost me for 1 week if I visit London & the middle east? I'd like to go for 2 weeks seeing as I am going so far away...
  3. jsoe

    holiday rental as a wedding/function venue

    Hi, I've seen a few topics about holiday rentals but I'm interested to know if anyone has run or own a holiday rental (big houses on large land) that allows weddings, or corporate retreats, birthday parties like the ones below?
  4. jsoe

    holiday letting /rental /house

    Hi, What are the implications of running a holiday letting assuming we'll be self-managing it? i.e. beach front / lake front Does the house have to be in a particular zoning? Do you need some sort of a license? What about CG? any successful / failed holiday house investor here...
  5. mary&mat

    Tasmanian holiday accom & things to do/see?

    Hi all, We're off to the lovely isle of Tassie early next year. Looking to stay 5 night in pretty budget accom (caravan or basic cabin) & 2 nights in a bit of luxury. Any ideas on where to stay (or where to avoid)? We have a 16month old so it needs to be 'family friendly'. Are the beaches...
  6. Portofino


    The lovely village of Portofino Italy